Treehugger - 90% of house dust filled with toxic chemicals

September 14, 2016

By: Melissa Breyer

Excerpt: Comprehensive study digs into house dust and finds many chemicals that are linked to serious health problems.

Beware the dust. Sigh.

If you’re obsessively tidy or don’t bring typical consumer products into your home, you may be off the hook here. But for the rest of us, new research has found that the seemingly innocuous powder that takes to our homes in the form of house dust is packed with hazardous chemicals coming from everyday products. …

The new data comes from a multi-institute team of researchers, hailing from Milken Institute School of Public Health, Silent Spring Institute, Natural Resources Defense Council, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, and Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program. …

The authors say that chemicals from consumer products are released into the air and then settle into the dust. They can be inhaled and even absorbed through the skin. …

“Consumers have the power to make healthier choices and protect themselves from harmful chemicals in everyday products,” says Robin Dodson, an environmental exposure scientist at Silent Spring Institute. “These things can make a real difference not only in their health but also in shifting the market toward safer products.”

Everyday Chemical Exposures