Friends of Silent Spring Institute Bulletin
June 2008


Roberta Chafetz accepted the Rachel Carson Advocacy Award from Ellen Calmas, Chair, Friends of Silent Spring Institute.

Board Chair Ellen Parker presented the Rachel Carson Advocacy Award to Fredi Shonkoff.

Dinner chairs Lynn Wiatrowski and Paul Levy.

Since bisphenol A, a chemical found in many plastic products, poses a potential health risk, dinner guests were given water bottles made of stainless steel, the current safest alternative, according to the EPA. Institute Chair Ellen Parker explained, “As you use this bottle bearing Silent Spring’s name, please be mindful of the Institute’s mission – to make connections between environmental hazards and women’s health.”

Record-Setting Dinner Celebrates Roberta Chafetz and Fredi Shonkoff

A record crowd of over 550 friends and supporters filled the ballroom at the InterContinental Hotel on May 15 to congratulate Roberta Chafetz and Fredi Shonkoff as they received Rachel Carson Advocacy Awards and to celebrate the continued progress of Silent Spring Institute research to identify environmental factors that may impact women’s health, especially breast cancer.

Under the leadership of dinner chairs, Paul Levy of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Lynn Wiatrowski of Bank of America, and honorary chairs Joan and Ted Cutler, this year’s dinner set another record by raising more than $850,000 for the Susan S. Bailis Breast Cancer Research Fund. These funds will support the expansion of our groundbreaking Household Exposure Study that examines potentially harmful chemicals found indoors.

This year’s dinner – marking the 10th anniversary of the Susan Bailis Fund – had a “green” theme to encourage positive action by individuals, communities and policymakers to reduce exposure to suspect chemicals in our homes and in the world around us and, ultimately, to enable us all to live in a healthier world.

Kelley Tuthill of WCVB-TV, who has made her own personal experience with breast cancer public as a way to help others, served as host for the evening and led the “green action auction,” headlined by the eco-friendly smart car generously provided by Herb Chambers.

Ellen Calmas, chair of the Friends of Silent Spring Institute, exclaimed, “What a watershed moment for this organization – when more than 550 caring and interested individuals crowd the InterContinental ballroom and help raise more than $850,000! What a testament to the value of Silent Spring Institute’s research and its ability to color the national dialogue on green science and environmental health.”

Photos by Allan Dines, Northstar Photography

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