Cape Cod Times - Support fight against toxins in our water

September 19, 2016

By: Marjorie Cotton Supple

Excerpt: I am responding to the Sept. 1 letter from Alexandra Grabbe titled “All should be concerned about toxins in our water.”

When are we going to take these warnings seriously? As you reported in a front-page story Aug. 19, the groundwater near the Barnstable County Fire and Rescue Training Academy has 3,000 times the level of perfluorinated compounds — “chemicals of emerging concern” — than allowed under federal health advisory guidelines. State environmental officials have ordered the county to provide a cleanup plan. PFCs are deleterious to the health and welfare of families living so close. Also, Eversource should be prohibited from herbicide spraying along the electrical easements. These transmission lines extend over 78 percent of the Cape’s water supply.

Silent Spring Institute researchers have been on the cutting edge of documenting their findings that Cape Codders are exposed to high levels of perfluorinated substances linked to cancer and hormone disruptions in humans. The institute and its sister organization, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, have been pioneers in trying to eliminate the high rate of breast cancer on Cape Cod. These two nonprofits deserve our attention. We can make the difference!

About Highly Fluorinated Chemicals (PFASs)