The Hill - EPA won’t protect Americans against breast cancer

October 31, 2017

By: Kathryn Rodgers

Excerpt: "Under the Trump administration and Administrator Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency is giving less scrutiny to toxic chemicals that are making Americans sick. This is especially concerning for breast cancer, where exposure to environmental chemicals is a key risk factor for the development of disease. 

A recent review of 158 human studies from the last 10 years — the most comprehensive assessment to date — found strong links to breast cancer from exposure to certain pesticides, highly fluorinated chemicals used in non-stick pan coatings, air pollution, solvents used in dry cleaning or as de-greasing agents, and industrial chemicals like dioxins. 

What’s more, the risk is especially high when women are exposed to hazardous chemicals early in life, when the breast is developing and vulnerable to environmental influences."

Epidemiology Reviews and Database