WCAI - Study: Household Dust Carries Chemicals That May Pose Health Risks

September 26, 2016

By: Heather Goldstone

Excerpt: As if you need one more reason to hate household dust, science increasingly indicates it could be a hazard to your health. A recent review of research, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, finds that the vast majority of household dust contains potentially toxic chemicals.

The chemicals come into our homes in a variety of household products: phthalates and phenols in plastics and personal care products, flame retardants in furniture and clothing, non-stick coatings on pots and pans, and fragrances in cleaners and cosmetics. But they don’t stay there; they can leak out, and dust is one place they end up.   

“Household dust kind of acts like a reservoir for where contaminants in the home can find their way,” said Robin Dodson, an environmental exposure scientist at Silent Spring Institute and one of the authors of this new study. “It’s really kind of a picture, even a snapshot, of what the contamination, or pollutant, load might be in the home.”

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