Green Housing Study - Family Report 2015

The number of children with asthma has gone up in the last few years. Some people think that allergens and chemicals that are common inside homes are adding to the problem.

We wanted to learn more about some of the chemicals in pesticides (used to kill bugs or weeds) and everyday things – from shampoo and soap to couches and shower curtains.

In this study:
• We went to 94 homes to measure the levels of 75 chemicals.
• We measured household air and dust and children’s urine samples.
• We looked for chemicals that might affect breathing and asthma as well as other health problems.

The study results will help us learn how common chemicals can affect asthma. This report will tell participants what we found in their home and child’s urine sample; they will
be able to see whether their results are higher or lower than other people’s. And we will tell them how to lower the levels of chemicals in their home.

Print reports are best viewed in the two page view of your PDF reader.

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