What You Should Know About Highly Fluorinated Chemicals

What are highly fluorinated chemicals?

Highly fluorinated chemicals, also known as PFASs or PFCs, are water-, heat-, and oil-resistant chemicals found in a wide range of consumer products such as stain-resistant carpets and upholstery, waterproof apparel, floor waxes, non-stick cookware, grease-proof food packaging, and even dental floss. People can be exposed to these chemicals from direct contact with products, or through the air they breathe or the food they eat. There have also been instances of PFAS from industrial sources and fire training facilities contaminating drinking water supplies.

Highly Fluorinated Chemicals Fact SheetWhat are the health risks?

More than 99 percent of Americans have highly-fluorinated chemicals in their blood and they can remain in the body for years. PFASs have been linked with hormone disruption, cancer, obesity, immunotoxicity and many other health effects.

How can I reduce my exposure?

  • Avoid stain-resistant carpets and upholstery.
  • Avoid products with words containing “perfluor-”, “polyfluor-”, and “PTFE” on the label.
  • Choose cast iron, glass, or enamel cookware.
  • Filter your drinking water with a solid block carbon filtration system.
  • Eat more fresh foods to avoid fast food packaging.
  • Avoid microwave popcorn and greasy foods wrapped in paper.
  • Tell retailers and manufacturers you want products without fluorinated chemicals.

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