Kathryn Rodgers, MPH

Kathryn Rodgers
Staff Scientist

Kathryn Rodgers joined the research team in 2012. She is a staff scientist with training in toxicology and risk assessment for public health. She contributes to the Institute’s work on exposures and sources of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the indoor environment. She also leads the Institute’s science translation for policy-makers in governments, businesses, and community groups. Rodgers is motivated by Silent Spring Institute’s commitment to community-based participatory research and to advancing exposure reduction strategies.

Rodgers’ previous research experience includes worked on a study to assess cumulative effects of chemical and non-chemical stressors in an environmental justice community. As an undergraduate, she researched antioxidant mediation of MPTP-induced Parkinson’s disease in mouse cell models. She also developed and taught a science curriculum for young children at a Montessori school.

Rodgers graduated from Boston University School of Public Health with a Masters in Public Health in environmental health. She received her BS in Neuroscience with a minor in Marine Studies from Trinity College in Hartford, CT.


Publications & Presentations

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