Kathryn Rodgers, MPH

Kathryn Rodgers is a staff scientist with expertise in toxicology and risk assessment for public health. She is currently working on a comprehensive and critical review of primary epidemiological research articles to update Silent Spring Institute’s database of scientific research on environmental factors that may increase breast cancer risk. Additionally, she is examining uses, production, and health effects of a broad range of compounds as part of a flame retardant study.

Rodgers graduated from Boston University School of Public Health with a Masters in Public Health in environmental health as a merit scholar. She most recently worked with scientists at Boston University on an EPA-funded study to assess cumulative effects of interactions between chemical and non-chemical stressors in an environmental justice community. As her culminating experience at Boston University, she conducted a critical review of exposure, epidemiological, and toxicological data on an alternative phthalate, DINP, within the context of current regulations. She also worked with the Chelsea Board of Health on a noise sampling plan to inform development of a proposed noise ordinance from a public health standpoint. Working with Massachusetts General Hospital, she developed spatial representations of food availability using GIS for an intervention project to bring more healthy foods into an environmental justice neighborhood.

Rodgers’ previous research experience includes research on antioxidant mediation of MPTP-induced Parkinsonism as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scholar. She also developed and taught a science curriculum for young children. Kathryn received her BS in Neuroscience with a minor in Marine Studies from Trinity College in Hartford, CT.