SSI: An Introduction

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Silent Spring Institute is a mission-driven scientific research organization dedicated to uncovering the environmental causes of breast cancer

Our independent research is empowering a revolution in environmental health to prevent cancers by reducing people's exposure to harmful chemicals where they live, work, and play.

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Our innovative research is made possible thanks to philanthropic partners, foundations, and dedicated supporters like you.

Main action items

  • We believe everyone has a right to clean air, clean water, and safer products and that no one should get sick from toxic chemicals.

  • our science

    We are creating new knowledge about cancer-causing chemicals—how we are exposed and how they affect our health.

  • Our work is strengthening policies to protect consumers from toxics while making prevention a national research priority.


Margaret Kripke

Watch a new documentary featuring Silent Spring board member Dr. Margaret Kripke as she calls attention to the true burden of environmentally-induced cancers.

Taking Stock Study

Findings could explain why women of color in particular are more highly exposed to harmful chemicals

toddler and household dust

New study led by Silent Spring shows how replacing an old couch with a new one free of flame retardants reduces harmful exposures in the home.

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Breast cancer and the environment