Our Science

We are advancing science on the links between environmental chemicals and women's health. Our work supports the development of safer chemicals, market shift away from toxics in products, and more health-protective regulatory policies.

How do we identify chemicals that cause breast cancer?

We are developing innovative methods for determining which, among the thousands of chemicals in use, increase breast cancer risk.  

How are we exposed to toxic chemicals?

Understanding the sources of exposure to toxic chemicals is the first step toward limiting them in our everyday lives.

How do chemical exposures affect our health?

By linking early warning signs of disease risk with chemical exposures, we can develop new effective prevention strategies.

How can we limit our chemical exposures?

There are steps we can take to reduce our exposures to harmful chemicals, both on a personal level and through collective action.

How do we engage communities in our research?

By engaging communities in the research process, we are creating solutions that are responsive to their needs.