Supporting Communities

Engaging communities in the research process creates new knowledge and leads to better health.

Silent Spring Institute conducts science that serves the public. We are dedicated to community-based research and public engagement in science. We partner with community organizations and study participants to tackle environmental problems that affect their well-being. This innovative collaborative approach promotes transparency and access to information, increases environmental health literacy, builds trust with affected communities, improves study recruitment, and empowers participants and their communities to advocate for themselves and create change.

Related Projects

Through PFAS-REACH, we are advancing science on the impacts of PFAS on children's health and empowering communities to reduce their exposures and advocate for change.

We are investigating on-the-job exposures to chemicals linked with breast cancer in female firefighters.

The Cape Cod Household Exposure Study was the first study to demonstrate that consumer products are a major source of exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals in the home.