Whether it’s tracking toxic chemicals in drinking water or uncovering new mechanisms by which chemicals trigger breast cancer, we publish updates about our work throughout the year.

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Silent Spring Institute mourns the loss of long-time board member and breast oncologist Dr. John K. (Jack) Erban III. A passionate advocate for prevention, he provided invaluable leadership at Silent Spring for nearly 25 years. 

School spaces with newer furniture show significantly lower levels of hazardous exposures

A free online tool by Silent Spring helps private well owners interpret their water testing results and reduce their exposures.

Findings have implications for how federal agencies assess pesticides for breast cancer risk

What Silent Spring promises in this deeply sad time

Findings provide roadmap for regulators to identify harmful chemicals that increase breast cancer risk

Rule would severely limit the use of science the agency considers when setting limits on toxic chemicals in our air and water.

One of the first studies from the Women Firefighters Biomonitoring Collaborative, a long-term investigation of chemical exposures among women firefighters and breast cancer risk.

Why the state’s new proposed rule to regulate PFAS contaminants is good for public health.

Analysis highlights privacy risks associated with public data sharing