Julia Udesky, MS

Julia Udesky is a staff scientist with a background in epidemiology. She is currently working on a study of asthma and indoor environmental air quality in public housing, as well as a project addressing issues related to the balance between privacy protection and data utility when data are shared online in studies of environmental exposures.

Julia graduated from the Harvard School of Public Health with a Masters in Epidemiology. She concentrated her studies in cancer epidemiology and completed a master’s thesis examining the immunomodulatory actions of vitamin D in prostate cancer. Julia’s passion for cancer epidemiology and prevention grew out of the five years she spent volunteering at a cancer hospital in New York. While at HSPH, she volunteered as a math tutor at a local elementary school.

Julia previously worked as a research coordinator in the Endocrinology Division at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. She received a BA in Psychology from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.