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When you join the Rachel Carson Society, you are demonstrating your commitment to the values and beliefs of the great biologist, conservationist, and author, Rachel Carson.

donorsCarson’s writings, including her most famous book, Silent Spring, sounded the alarm about the threats posed by toxic chemicals to our health and to our environment. Through her work, she is credited with advancing the global environmental movement, all while quietly suffering from breast cancer. She was an inspiration to our founders, and we are proud to name our research institution in honor of her important work.

Your annual gift of $1,000 or more keeps Rachel Carson’s legacy alive by making it possible for Silent Spring Institute to continue operating as an independent, world-class research organization. As a loyal member of the Rachel Carson Society, you are investing in critical research to identify and prevent the environmental causes of breast cancer and other diseases.

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For those in whom cancer is already a hidden or a visible presence, efforts to find cures must of course continue. But for those not yet touched by the disease and certainly for the generations as yet unborn, prevention is the imperative need.

Rachel Carson
Silent Spring