New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof gets tested for toxics

February 22, 2018

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times shines a spotlight on the variety of hazardous chemicals we're all exposed to through everyday products in his recent column, "What Poisons Are in Your Body?" (New York Times, February 23, 2018). To illustrate his point, he shares his own results from participating in Silent Spring's Detox Me Action Kit study.

The online version of the column includes an interactive feature that asks readers which types of products they've used in the last month--things like sunscreen, canned food, dryer sheets, and more. After you submit your answers, the site reveals the different chemicals you might have been exposed to and how they affect health.

You can take the online quiz and read the full column here.

Kristof also shines a spotlight on the problem of regrettable substitutes--when companies swap out one bad chemical for another--and the challenges we face as consumers trying to protect ourselves. He writes:

"... chemical industry lobbyists have rigged the system so that we consumers just can’t protect ourselves adequately."