Katie Boronow, MS

Katie Boronow joined Silent Spring Institute in the fall of 2015. Her projects include developing content for DERBI, an online portal for communicating personal exposure results to participants in biomonitoring studies; characterizing the distribution of extreme exposure results in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey; and quantifying tradeoffs between privacy risk and research utility in environmental health data.

Katie holds a master’s degree from Harvard University in organismic and evolutionary biology and a bachelor’s from Yale University in biology. Her academic interests centered on the physiological and behavioral responses of lizards to environmental stressors, such as novel predators and climatic gradients, which she pursued through extensive fieldwork. Prior to graduate school, Katie worked at Eastern Research Group as an environmental scientist where she researched worker exposure to silica and diacetyl and assisted with community health investigations into potential exposure to toxic chemicals.

Katie’s training as an ecologist gave her a great appreciation for the importance of environmental context, and she is looking forward to applying this perspective to the study of exposure prevention. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time knitting and learning crafts, and she is the companion of a charming crested gecko.